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Microsoft is developing a translation feature for Outlook

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

| Khabar Site

Microsoft is developing a translation feature for, expanding on similar features in its Windows and Mac applications.

Called "Translator for Outlook Web," this function will allow users to translate words, phrases, or entire messages within their emails.

Users will also have the option to set up automatic translations for emails received in foreign languages and will be prompted to decide whether they want to translate an email when they receive it.

Users can utilize the native translator located at the top of the email or select specific words or phrases for translation.

Furthermore, they can set their preferences to always translate emails, never translate them, or be asked each time.

To avoid repetitive translations, translated email data will be stored for 15 days, enabling users to revert to the original message or enable automatic translation for all emails in their chosen language.

The new feature is expected to be launched in September 2023, although a specific date has not been announced yet. The implementation is likely to be gradual.

If the translation option is not immediately available, users can manually translate emails using the "Home" options ribbon or adjust translation preferences in settings.
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