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Community guidelines improved for youtube creators

Thursday, September 7, 2023

| Khabar Site

YouTube has announced a new measure to assist creators in handling violations of community guidelines.

Now, when a creator violates YouTube's policies, they will have the option to participate in an educational training course that may remove a violation warning from their channel.

Violation warnings are issued when a policy is breached and serve as a warning before formal punishment. Three warnings result in the suspension of the channel.

These warnings do not directly impact the channel, aside from the removal of the infringing content, but they remain on record indefinitely.

The new development is that YouTube is adding an additional step to violation warnings.

Now, creators will have the option to take an "educational training course" that explains how to avoid policy violations in their videos.

Upon completing the course, the warning will be reversed, provided that the policy is not violated again within 90 days.

It's important to note that while YouTube is offering resources to help creators understand its policies, there have been no changes to community guidelines or the three-strike approach.

YouTube continues to remove any content that violates its policies, and creators who receive three warnings within a 90-day period will still be subject to platform suspension.
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