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Katy Perry may never get married again (Paper)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

| Khabar Site

The singer of "Teenage Dream" is not sure if she ever married again.

I am very pragmatic and logistics and less fantastic about things" - said the pop star to Paper magazine, spring edition 2019. "I mean, I got married when I was 25 years old. I'm 34. That was almost ten years ago. I thought 'a person for the rest of my life', and I'm not sure that idea is for me. I'm just a different person than I was.

Katy Perry married comedian Russell Brand in October 2010. One year later on December 31, 2011, he sent her a text message telling her that he was divorcing her .

Now Katy Perry is dating Orlando Bloom and told the magazine that she understands that relationships require work and responsibility.

It's easy to be single and not be challenged by your things, living your wonderful single life thinking you're the greatest, the best, and doing what you want," she said . "But then when you enter a relationship you are there to teach each other lessons.

But Katy says that there is a problem in dating the actor of "Lord Of The Rings", both are hoarders (accumulators) by nature - she revealed. But he has started to throw away possessions of him that do not make her happy.

LOL! Here are the photos of Katy Perry for Paper magazine. What do you think? I do not like blonde, she looks beautiful with long black or colored hair. In some of these photos ... wtf? Those Chinese wigs are like badly stuck ... And those suits are like a nightmare or something ... Ok, I must be sleepy. LOL! Do you think Katy will not marry again?
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