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Nepal Gov Unveils Budget For Fiscal Year 2014-2015 (Gov. Workers Salary)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

| Khabar Site

nepal government new budget 2071-2072
Government of Nepal has unveiled the budget of USD 6.18(Nepali Rs 618) Billion for the fiscal year 2014-2015.Minister of Finance Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat has presented the above budget in the parliament on 13th of July 2014.This is the first full budget in 3 years with new policies and Programs.
The budget has mainly focused on agriculture and infrastructure development. Minister Mahat has said that this budget is reform investment oriented as per the need of nation. The budget has also stressed the investment in Hydropower, manufacture, service industry and tourism industry. It has aimed at achieving six percent economic growth and nine percent inflation rate in the next fiscal year.
The annual fiscal policy has laid $3.53 billion for current expenditure, $1.66 billion for capital expenditure and $787  million for fiscal management. A budget of USD 335 million has been allocated to Health sector aiming easy access of health service for public through out the country.
The budget has tried to address the necessity of every sector but is failed to introduce any programs of massive reform.
आर्थिक बर्ष २०७३/७४ अनुसार नेपालका सरकारी कर्मचारीको तलब यस्तो छ : २०७१ /७२ हेर्न अझ तल जानुहोला !
new salary of nepal government employee 2072

Below are the other sector addressed by this new budget 2071-2071 Nepal.

1.To Produce 25 MW from solar energy
2.To provide loan at not more than 6 percent for youths to initiate any sort of productive job in Nepal
3.To provide add to NOC to for adjusting petroleum price in Nepal
4.To subsidy custom duty  on agriculture sector
5.To provide full tax exemption for  5 years for any production related industries with investment over rs 1 billion
and tourism industries over Rs 2 billion.
6.Establish a "Start Up Fund" with rs 500 million to help entrepreneurs coming up with new knowledge but facing lack of
7.To provide increment of 10% on salary of all government employee.
8.To provide 10 million Rs to every directly elected constituent Assembly Member for development work of respective constituency
9.To provide annual 2000 rs medical allowance to all elders above the age of 70 years.
10.To provide 7000 rs per month for all injured and families of martyrs of peoples movement
Besides above announcements , the budget have addressed on various titles of health, agriculture, transportation and industries related programs.
After the 10 % increment, increased salary of Nepal government workers will be as follows:

new salary increase for nepal government workers
How much Nepali Army and Police officials earn? To find out the latest salary scale of Nepalese Army and Police officials, see the salary table below. These officials get extra facilities like vehicles, petroleum, helpers etc.

salary of nepal army and police

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