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Facebook Messenger will allow you to delete the sent messages

Facebook offers 10 minutes to delete messages in our chat conversations if you have sent something mistakenly .

Sunday, February 10, 2019

| Khabar Site

The rush, the reflections in hot ... there are many situations in which, once pressed the button 'send', we regret and we wish we had never done it. Facebook, in the eye of the hurricane for its controversial issues on privacy, is the absolute leader in what concerns the messaging if we add the texts sent through WhatsApp, Messenger and the newcomer, Instagram Direct. This leadership and the experience of the years allow you to know your users well and in this sense, being able to undo a shipment has always been a demand that finally reaches the massive Messenger platform.

The integrated messaging app on Facebook is used monthly by more than 1,300 million users each time (in the United States it is especially popular) and from now on it allows the user to regret sending a message. The operation, as Zuckerberg's firm explains in his blog, is simple: just keep your finger pressed on the message in question and we will see the "Delete" option, and then select if we only want to delete the message in our chat or "to all the world"; Of course, this decision must be taken before ten minutes, after which, elimination will not be possible.

Undo the shipments will also be possible in groups and as happens in WhatsApp , will be trace of our decision to appear in the recipient's chat the text "deleted message" that will give us.

However, Facebook warns that messages with violent content, insults, threats or any other content that does not respect the rules of the community, may be reported even if they have been deleted by the sender. That is to say, if someone threatens us by Messenger and subsequently deletes that threat, the recipient may send said message (even if deleted) to Facebook so that the appropriate measures are taken.

This new feature will gradually appear to all iOS and Android users who have the latest version of the application, and with it, Facebook wants to bring a little more peace of mind in the conversations knowing that if we make a mistake, we will have a small margin for repentance
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