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Angelina filters video of drunk Brad to gain custody

Friday, February 8, 2019

| Khabar Site

Angelina Jolie plans to filter the video of Brad Pitt drunk during the fight in 2016 that led to divorce, in order to gain custody of their six children, that's what brings us the new cover of Star magazine . (read with Monica Geller's voice ... I know! )

And do not miss the cover: "The video that will destroy Brad! The shocking evidence of the court he tried to hide. Pitt is lying on the floor supposedly drunk ... (?)

Well, according to Star, there is a video of Brad drunk the day it all ended for Brangelina, because someone recorded the incident from the airport runway where the couple's plane stopped to refuel, in September 2016, when the actor had a fight with his eldest son Maddox , during a private trip from France to Los Angeles.

The magazine claims that the video shows Brad Pitt stumbling out of the plane and drunkenly driving in a golf cart through the airport, almost hitting an airline worker.

The supposed insider told the tabloid that Jolie and her lawyers have copies of that video and plan to "use it against Brad to stay with the children."

Angie sees this as the ace up her sleeve. Since watching the video, Angie has been up all night planning, talking to the lawyers and taking notes. "

"She is fully prepared to filter the video to the media to get what she wants ... If this video is made public, that would destroy it. But Angie is so obsessed with winning this battle in court that she does not care.

Imagine that video, Brad, all drunk wobbly talking on the track alone ... and fainting, because according to the photos he seems asleep on the floor ... WTF? But wait ... if that video existed it would have leaked out a while ago in the middle ... And Angelina would have custody of her children without so much scrutiny in court , right?

Another detail is that Star can not prove that this video exists, the cover says "exclusive photos" of the video and are only small photos of simulated images - according to Gossipcop . We already know how Star has manipulated photos of Brad, Angelina and Jennifer Aniston to make their covers more attractive. And not to mention the terrible reports "according to sources." This time, according to Gossipcop, there are no photos of Brad drunk at the airport, the tabloid simply created the images with a double. Woow! And that can be? Is it legal?
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