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Mila Kunis trapped in a bad marriage, going to divorce with Ashton (L & S)

Friday, February 8, 2019

| Khabar Site

According to the new Life & Style, Mila Kunis is trapped in a bad marriage with Ashton Kutcher . There are fights, lies and loneliness. They will talk about the night Mila was crying. "She will never believe in Ashton again." DRAMA! DRAMA!

So, according to Life & Style , Mila and Ashton are going to divorce. They have different personalities and different ways of seeing things that have caused them to fight without ceasing. A source told the magazine that the actress "feels like she is trapped in a bad marriage" and "there are times even that she feels they live separate lives."

One of the biggest problems of marriage, according to the magazine, is that Kutcher is more committed to his career and humanitarian issues than in his marriage (and to have a connection with real people ? LOL!)

"She wants Ashton to be so passionate about their life together," says the source.

"Mila and Ashton have matured into different people and are not compatible as they once were."

"The opposite is attracted and such. But now that leads to disagreements, fights and tension. Their children keep them together - that's the biggest reason why Mila does not leave. "

The insider assures that the couple's friends are waiting for them to avoid separation, "but right now, Mila and Ashton are at a crossroads."

Right! Mila and Ashton are getting divorced ... another couple who can not stand it together and happy.

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