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Ariana Grande furious because Mac Miller did not win Grammy

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

| Khabar Site

Mac Miller was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album, for his latest album 'Swimming'. The rapper died of an accidental overdose in September 2018.

After Cardi B won in the category of Best Rap Album - where Mac Miller competed, Ariana Grande shared her annoyance and tantrum on the networks. She later clarified that she was not upset because Cardi B won , she was upset with the Music Academy for inviting Mac Miller's parents to watch his lose.

Grande wrote on Twitter 'f * ck' and 'trash' during the Grammy ceremony, then explained that it was not for Cardi B. Here's the screenshot.

Nothing to do with him. Good for him. Seriously. I'm sorry "- wrote Ariana on Twitter.

A source told People that Ariana Grande's tantrums at Kanye's "had nothing to do with Cardi," Ariana was "very upset" because Miller lost when the Grammys had invited their parents to the show. As if those who send the invitations know who wins or loses.

All these Tweets have already been deleted ... of course!

Cardi on her part made a video on Instagram where she thanked all his friends, family team and fans, also mentioned Mac. The report says that Ariana was very happy about Cardi's gesture and commented with six black hearts in the post. Obviously, he also deleted all the tweets from his tantrum.

Bahahahahaha ... imagine Ariana in the Grammy, take the stage to take the prize from Cardi as Kanye Taylor ... with the twist that in this story the Cardi hits him with a shoe and the boot of the stage. LOL!

What do you think on the reaction of Ariana? Cardi's gesture to Mac and his family seemed cute to me! Ariana should not have commented on those things, it was Cardi B's time!

Ariana also published the dress that would have taken the Grammys if she had not fought with the producers ... That is! Look at me!

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