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Attack in Finland, stabbed people in the center of Turku city. A man was arrested

The attack caused nine injured and two dead. Police do not think of a terrorist attack at this time, but supporters of ISIS are celebrating.

Friday, August 18, 2017

| Khabar Site
Attached to the center of the town of Turku, Finland, where several people were stabbed with a knife. The Finnish police fired at the waiter's legs that, once locked, was arrested. At the moment, police forces do not confirm the terrorist track, but the alert level in the country has been lifted. As for the Finnish city of Turku, "the danger has passed," she assured the police at a press conference.

Despite the fact that "there are still no confirmations" on the matrix, ISI supporters still celebrate the attack on Finland, as Rita Katz's director told on Twitter, posting images of the attack in Finland with the words "From Dalla Spain to Finland, Honor to Jihad. "

It would be eleven people involved in the attack: nine have been injured, two are dead, one of them during the first aid in the hospital. Police sources and the University Central Hospital in Turku reported that nine people were hospitalized and patients were "in the operating room." The primary stated: "Their conditions seem to be stabilizing." The author of the attack - of which no general information has been given - is also hospitalized. Finnish Interior Minister Paula Risikko said that the identity of the landlord is unknown, but that "it would seem stranger". In addition to the knife, he had no other weapon.

This is, therefore, the balance of the attack on the market square of Puutori, where several passers-by were stabbed by one or more assailants. According to the eyewitnesses, the assailant - or the assailants - would attack several people with a large knife, and among them there would be a woman who was pushing a wheelchair. The police are hunting any accomplices, though they are not currently handling "the case as a terrorist attack." Also started the analysis of the pictures taken by the surveillance cameras in the area.

Swedish television Yle has told the scene immediately after the attack with several people lying on the ground in the central part of the city. Witnesses talked about a body covered with a sheet and heard a lot of shots.

According to the first testimonies, including a video recording, the attendees said they saw three assailants: "They were in three, ran in the street and shouted Allahu Akbar," as the Swedish TV Yle said. Many people, however, argue that this interpretation is wrong, as in the sound of the footage a civilian feels that during the flight he would shout "Varo, varokaa", which translates to "Attention".

One of the assailants - said another witness - "was blind" by hitting those who came to him. People, the witness says, have attempted to block the assailant. The police then evacuated the central library and the Hansakortteli shopping mall.

The police then asked citizens to stay away from the town center: "Several people stabbed in downtown Turku. We ask people to avoid the city center," he wrote on Twitter. At 19.00 local time, a police press conference is scheduled.

Finnish President Sauli Ninisto said on Twitter that he was in touch with the authorities in relation to the events in Turku. With him, he wrote the head of the Finnish state, all "state powers are actively following" the evolving situation.

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