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Lady Gaga is in love with Bradley Cooper - Life & Style

Friday, November 9, 2018

| Khabar Site

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have fallen in love, their chemistry was immediate. Bradley confessed it movingly. They had dinner late at Gaga's house. Who's supposed to know Bradley's baby mom !? OMG! That's what Life & Style brings on its cover this week.

According to the Magazine Life & Style:, the protagonists of "A Star Is Born" have a romance. Gaga and Bradley constantly speak well of each other while promoting their new film and of course, the respective couples, Irina Shayk and agent Christian Carino , are very disturbed by the incredible chemistry among the co-stars. HE HAS!

A source told Life & Style:
"It's crazy the love they have and they do not hide it. I do not know if Irina and Christian can stand it. "

"Irina has been feeling miserable for months. She hates that Bradley does not hide the fact that he fell in love with Gaga. And Christian is not getting along better. He is super jealous. "

The magazine comes and says that everything will get worse, because Bradley and Gaga plan to spend the awards season together. Forever together!
"Irina feels terrified about that"

"She will be forced to watch that love festival once again. She has even threatened to avoid the award ceremonies, telling Bradley to take her mother better because she does not have a good poker face and everyone will see her true feelings. "

Obviously, the tabloid grabs the "chemistry" between Bradley and Gaga for this story. Although there are reports that indicate that Cooper and Shayk have problems in their relationship , Gaga made a commitment to Cariño (the news was recently confirmed by LG but they say that they already have time committed). And there are witnesses who claim that nothing happens in the relationship of Bradley and Irina, they are so happy !! As for that chemistry of Gaga and Bradley ... sorry, but I imagine in a few years interviews saying Oh gosh! I hated it! Bahahahaha ...

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