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Marriage of Justin Bieber made his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez hospitalized

Sunday, October 21, 2018

| Khabar Site

It is reported that the marriage of Justin Bieber with Hailey was a blow to Selena Gomez and caught her off guard, by surprise ... SHOCK!

Yeap, and this report comes from People , ok? The commitment of Justin and Hailey came as a surprise to everyone, but more to Selena Gomez - said a source. Then imagine how it fell to him to know that they had married . Boom! And without prenup! (OK no).
A source told that after the singer was seen crying in a car next to Hailey, this Thursday, after the news came out that Selena had been hospitalized

"Selena had constant medical problems, but Justin's commitment and his quick marriage caught her off guard and hit her very hard" - said the source.

As everyone knows, 26-year-old Selena Gomez is receiving treatment after suffering what they called an emotional crisis while in a hospital, a source confirmed to People on Wednesday.

She and Justin have been going back and forth for years, even though they were both very young when it all started. Justin was her first great love, and she does not get over it.

They did not take long to get the news ... talk about the "elephant in the room" Of course, everything "according to sources".

The "Wolves" singer experienced a panic attack during her second visit to the hospital in a short period of time - she suffers from a low white blood cell count, a common side effect for people who have a kidney transplant - says People.

Obviously, they tell you that Selena is looking for help and she is trying to get well again, and that in fact - according to sources - she feels good.

Of course, they had to talk about "how Justin reacted when he learned that Selena had problems"

It's hard for him to hear that she's not well" - A source told that after the singer was seen crying in a car next to Hailey, this Thursday, after the news came out that Selena had been hospitalized.

The pop star was also seen hugging some friends after arriving at the church in Los Angeles.

And so the report continues insinuating that Justin is very wrong for what happened to Selena and that this may affect his relationship with Hailey. To the point that it seems that they no longer talk about Selena and how it affected the marriage, if not the opposite. But then they remember Hailey ...

Hailey makes him super happy. He feels bad that Selena is not well, but that has nothing to do with his bad mood of the last days.
"This was her great love, and while he was young and traveling around the world like a super star, he learned a lot from her," a Miami music source told People.
"He was very upset about what happened to Selena, said the musical source. "He feels that she is part of his life and wants her to be happy and healthy."
There's even another "EXCLUSIVE" report from People that says Justin has not outdone Selena despite her marriage to Hailey Baldwin ... according to sources. HE HAS!

Mmmm ... whatever! Imagine how Hailey should feel if all this is true and Justin is crying in the corners for Selena ... OMG! DRAMA!

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