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Do you want to remember your dreams? Take this vitamin

Sunday, October 21, 2018

| Khabar Site

Why its so hard to remember your dreams ?
Now the scientists have found out the answer.

Many times we wake up anxious, happy, nervous, sad ... But for more that we try hard we can not remember what we dreamed the night before and we resign ourselves to stay with the doubt. If you miss a trip and you do not want to forget your dreams, it is vital that you consume nothing more and nothing less than vitamin B6 .This is confirmed by a study by researchers from the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Australia, and published in Perceptual and Motor Skills .

This study included 100 Australians, of whom one group was given high doses of vitamin B6 supplements, while another group was given a placebo before sleeping for 5 days . The result was that those who took vitamin B6 remembered better the dreams they had the night before , compared to those who only took the placebo.

As if this were not enough, the members of the first group affirmed that not only could they remember their dreams more easily , but that when they dreamed they knew that they were in a dream, that is, they had lucid dreams . According to the researchers, this finding could help people overcome phobias, fears, decipher what their nightmares and positive dreams reveal, motivate creativity, among others .

So you know, go with your doctor to tell you the dose of vitamin b6 ideal for you and enjoy recalling your dreams !
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