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Brad Pitt is dating with Charlize Theron (Star)

Friday, October 26, 2018

| Khabar Site

According to Star , Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are dating ... Do you believe this ? And for months ... HOT!

Pitt and Theron have been all together last year secretly gathering around the world. That is! Romance is INTERNATIONAL! A supposed source told the tabloid:

"They meet in luxurious suites of hotels around the world - London, Paris, even in Beverly Hills - for their appointments ... That gives them time to get to know each other far from the public eye."

Can you imagine that couple is visiting the world and dating ting in 5 star hotels ?

The source comes and says that the main reason why Pitt does not make public his romance with the Theron is because he is afraid that Angelina will cast spells and find out this to use it against him in the battle for custody.

(Brad) has been trying to keep him discreet as much as possible. It's not easy - he is in love and wants everyone to know.

Brad always in love ... lost, they are looking for a partner in a hurry, they forgot their romance with Jen Aniston ... or the sexy teacher , but WAIT! Brad and Charlize have a lot in common, according to Star's story, "they talk about architecture and their children." The insider says that Brad admires Charlize for adopting two children from foreign countries.

So Brad not only respects Charlize, but his chemistry together is overwhelmingly hot! Something like the chemistry of Angelina with Keanu Reeves.
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