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Beware ! Facebook may delete your PAGE

Monday, October 22, 2018

| Khabar Site

Beware ! if you are spamming facebook users with the help of the fake fb accounts or FACEBOOK PAGES . If they are used to send junk mails with links and clickbaits or sharing links which sends users to clickbait websites, facebook is deleting such accounts with zero tolerance

Facebook confirmed that recently it has removed more than 800 pages and accounts in the United States only, that were used to send junk mail with links and clickbaits.
There are more on the way.

The social network said that those responsible for these accounts and pages were not authentic coordinated behavior by establishing networks to pages and accounts about their identity and purpose.

Facebook said those accounts promoted "sensationalist political content" to redirect users to websites filled with ads outside of the facebook. In the past, these junk accounts often focused on celebrity gossip, weight loss remedies and fake iPhones.

The turn towards politics indicates that these accounts are learning the Russian tricks to make people click. Facebook has been working to eradicate misinformation and combat electoral interference since it recognized that Russian agents abused their service .
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