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Selena Gomez never asked for a kidney from The Weeknd

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

| Khabar Site

In spite of the letter of the song, Selena Gomez never requested a kidney to The Weeknd . Que?

The new album of The Weeknd , My Dear Melancholy , is about his breakup with Selena Gomez , and someone close to the actress and singer wants them to know that The Weeknd was never going to donate a kidney to Selena, despite what he sings in " Call Out My Name ".

According to , Gomez would in no way allow The Weeknd to think about making that sacrifice. In addition, they say their relationship was not nearly as intense as the singer wants to see on his new album, a source told Entertainment Tonight . HE HAS!

The source began by checking the claim that Abel was going to donate a kidney to Selena. The lyrics of the song The Weekend say:

"I said I did not feel nothing, baby, but I lied / I almost cut a piece of myself for your life."

It's just a letter, and he knew he was going to get attention and people would interpret it exactly as they did, but he was never really going to donate his kidney to Selena," the source explained.

"Sure, he was her boyfriend at the time, so maybe she crossed her mind to get tested to see if it was compatible - which is incredibly rare - but that was never close to what was going to happen.

Selena never, never asked for it" - says the source.

"She would not even want him to handle the idea! It was difficult enough for her to allow her longtime friend (France Raisa) to do so, but a new boyfriend? No way."

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd started dating in January 2017, Gomez received a kidney transplant this summer.

So, while Selena was the muse of The Weeknd's new album, My Dear Melancholy , there are not many truths there, the source told ET.

To be honest, they were never as intense as he wants to see. The Weeknd was always more concerned about his career than his relationship. Selena leaned more than anyone on her friends and family during the surgery.

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