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I never signed up for any hotel rooms booked as an actress' Aadhar details - Urvashi Rautela

Thursday, March 29, 2018

| Khabar Site

When the government extended the deadline of linking Aadhar card with welfare schemes to 30 June on Wednesday, no one would have been more relieved than Urvashi Rautela.

The Hate Story 4 actress registered a police complaint for cheating, fraud and misuse of her identity details by a yet unidentified woman who booked a room in a hotel using Rautela's Aadhar card details. Here's a double role Rautela never knew she signed up for.

Though the Aadhar number on the fake identity card was not hers, the accused must have gotten access to all her personal details. While Rautela has never shied away from baring it all, the Aadhar card did contain life-threatening details, like her age. The magical number has been confined to Rautela's deepest recesses and it must have been heart-wrenching for her to spell it out while registering for Aadhar. And now it's out for the world to know.

What a terrible incident to happen to a 24-year-old. With the details now out, can Rautela proudly post pictures of her 25th next year? Her Facebook account (now deleted under Farhan Akhtar's influence) proudly claimed her age to be 24. Rautela must have been a foresighted person to not reveal the magical number on the social networking website, having seen through Mark Zuckerberg's crafty ways.

But alas! Only if she could also see through the alleged Aadhar scam. The ageless beauty finally has a number attached to her. How will 'Saara Zamaana' be her 'deewana' anymore? Take it easy, Urvashi! We'll always love you more than that pitiless double.
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