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I am better without Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt

Saturday, December 2, 2017

| Khabar Site

According to the new Life & Style , Brad Pitt said he was better off without Angelina. Que?

And is that according to the magazine, Angelina is a controller, controlled his entire life. He had a terrible mood and violent explosions.

As usual, the report talks about divorce, which is certainly deadlocked. Then they say that Angelina now does not want the marriage to end and she wants a second chance. HE HAS! Sure! She who can not see (or hear) Brad.

"The star is telling her friends that he has millions of reasons why he will not reconcile with Angelina and that he is better off without her."

Obviously, seeing the report that appointment does not exist, and is what someone said that Brad said ... Do you understand? It was said by a friend of a friend, who said he said.

Then they talk about the beauties that Brad has related to since Brad and Ange separated. And they name Kate Hudson (LOL! Sure !), Charlotte Casiraghi (Brad, the Prince! ), Sienna Miller (Psss ) and Ella Punell (LMAO! This was InTouch's invention).

So, Brad Pitt is better off without Angelina according to the cover that publishes a pic of Brad ... very ... blah . But implying that he is better, Ange appears with a face that is going to sting with his claw (she is a spoiled) and do not miss the pic in black and white ... where it seems that Brad kisses someone and they place " he is dating someone secretly. " HE HAS! Secretly ... But they have the pic on the cover and they do not tell you who it is. BOO!

There are those who comment that Brad is actually better without Angelina, at least he does not drink anymore and physically he looks much better (okay, not on that cover). Others say no, that Brad and Ange should return ... What do you think?
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