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Angelina Jolie got married - Intouch

Monday, November 6, 2017

| Khabar Site

This week on the cover of InTouch, Angelina Jolie has decided to marry again and hid it from Brad.
Exactly! First you must divorce ... right?

Well, but according to InTouch Angelina secretly marries for the fourth time.
She has been serious with a British philanthropist, wealthy 40-something businessman since the beginning of this year.

The alleged source alleges that Jolie has kept it a secret. Sure! I love how they place everything that any woman would love in a man, British, wealthy, philanthropist, businessman, LOL! The perfect couple, do not forget that they are in their forties ... PERFECT!

She keeps it hidden. It is very secret. If this makes Brad unhappy when he finds out, she thinks it's okay. It's another way to annoy Brad.

Maleficent in action. And is that according to the magazine, Angelina is determined to hurt Brad, to make him suffer. You know, because he does not like being asked about her ... LOL!

She knows that if he finds out later that will hurt him, especially with the children involved in the ceremony.

Will you make another "original" dress? And it is that supposedly not even the children know, because they could escape being with Brad, and Angelina does not want Brad to find out about the marriage.

And imagine, Angelina already has the dress, the place and the ceremony, everything ready. The actress is supposed to make a small ceremony in Cambodia, where she will wear a traditional costume from the area, serve local food, and children will participate in various aspects of the ceremony.

She's getting married for love, but she also knows that it will make Brad unhappy. It's been over a year since she surprised him with the divorce, and she's still trying to hurt him.

Whatever! Imagine that Angelina appears one day on a red carpet with this handsome guy in his 40s ... Nice! Bahahahahha ... Brad then goes out with a model of 21 years ... And so. Ah! Without forgetting that they are not yet divorced. Boo!

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