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Brad Pitt returns to the arms of Jennifer Aniston!

Friday, October 6, 2017

| Khabar Site

Rhumors and gossips about brad pitt has again hit INTOUCH mag. They published a cover which has things like 'The truth at the end: Brad never stopped loving Jen. What Brad told her about Angelina. His emotional apology (Pott weeping always comes out) and his shocking offer ... '(?)

Obviously, all this cover, is designed to make believe that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston returned , that is the dream of the tabloids, but they always forget that Jen remarried ... sip, married Justin Theroux .

But following the gossip, in the report, the magazine claims that Brad returned to his great love and hopes to form a new relationship with his ex. Brad needs and wants Jennifer in his life, especially during this time. Of course, after all the story they remembered that Jen is married, so the supposed insider says that "Brad does not dream of breaking Jen's marriage" with Theroux, he is only approaching her as confidant. See?

"They have reached a level of closeness and understanding that they never thought possible."

To set the story, they returned to an earlier report where Brad had called Jen to apologize for all the pain he caused when he left for the sexy Angelina Jolie. He really feels it, and Jen was really touched. LOL! then he apologized again, and even let him out if they were still married if he had been sober and present at the time his marriage collapsed. HE HAS!

They are supposedly looking at how to exchange design ideas, work on movies together, Obviously, the evil Angelina is furious over this bond between the ex-husbands, and the source says, Really? Jennifer Aniston's revenge is still material for tabloids? Bahahahaha ... yes it is. InTouch has already released several reports bringing together Brad and Jen ...

"(Ange) is getting his well-deserved revenge. Jen is laughing last. She loves the fact that she's becoming Brad's confidant. "

Happy Brad returns with Jen! - InTouch

How many times have you made that cover? LOL!
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