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Miley Cyrus will return to her bad girl image

Monday, October 30, 2017

| Khabar Site

They say that Miley Cyrus could return to her bad girl image, because the clean image of the singer currently is not working. LOL!

It is reported that Miley is returning to her image of naughty bad girl 'lame everything that crosses' because her new album "Younger Now" is not a commercial success.

This gossip comes from National Enquirer , ( I Know !!) But says that although Cyrus cleaned her image, her new routine has not been a hit for her fans, so they should prepare for the return of the naughty Miley. LOL!

"The new and super sweet image of Miley was to support her new CD. However, once you let the beast out of the cage, you can not get it back in there. "

"With the CD not selling well, expect the obscene Miley to return very soon ... She's just pretending to be Hannah Montana again, and it's not working."

Whatever! It's a tabloid gossip ... who knows? It will be easy to see if they are right or not. What do you think?

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