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Mark Salling tried to commit suicide

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

| Khabar Site

Mark attempted suicide by cutting his wrists, a month before his negotiation on charges of child pornography. Coward! According to TMZ , the actor was in his room in his Los Angeles house on August 22 when he cut both wrists. It is said that Mark then became scared and shouted at his partner, who found him bleeding and called 911.

Salling, who could be facing between four and seven years in jail after admitting to having 50,000 images of children in his home, is said to have 'freaked out' after hurting himself on August 22.

He is thought to have been taken to hospital after paramedics treated him in his Los Angeles home.

According to TMZ, he had screamed for his roommate after cutting his wrists.

The roommate then called 911 and helped him.

Salling, 35, was reportedly taken to be treated for psychological problems after he recovered.

TMZ is also reporting that he has been wearing long-sleeved shirts in a bid to hide the scars on his arms.

In a message to the website, Salling's lawyer said: 'Mark is physically fine and Mark is spending his time atoning and working on himself.'

As part of his plea deal, he had to admit to a court that authorities retrieved massive quantities of child porn from his home in a December 2015 raid.
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