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leaders say - Constitution promulgation and Local Elections are our historic success!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

| Khabar Site

Various political leaders have termed the promulgation of the constitution and successful completion of the local level elections as the historic and significant achievements of the second Constituent Assembly (CA).

In their responses to queries about how they evaluate the term of the Legislature-Parliament turned CA, they said with the promulgation of the new constitution through the second CA, people's decades-long aspirations have come true. The second CA was turned into the Legislature-Parliament on September 20, 2015 with the promulgation of the constitution.

CPN (Maoist Centre) chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' said the peace process had become successful with the promulgation of the constitution through the people's elected CA.

He took the time to claim that his party had sacrificed and struggled the most to realise the people's many years long dream of writing the constitution on their own.

Similarly, CPN (UML) senior leader Jhalanath Khanal termed the second CA historic assembly that issued the constitution of federal democratic republic of Nepal in course of institutionalising the achievements of 2006 people's movement.

He said the Nepali people have got a democratic, inclusive, patriotic, dynamic and socialism-oriented constitution for the first time, which itself was its biggest achievement.

Nepali Congress leader Gagan Kumar Thapa expressed happiness over the second Constituent Assembly formulating the constitution and holding the elections, which he said cleared his doubts whether the second constituent assembly, like the first one, would fail to issue a constitution.

He shared that he got the opportunity to serve as the president of a parliamentary committee and a minister during the term of this Legislature-Parliament, but expressed sadness that the Medical bill could not be passed.

The NC leader however expressed his dismay over the parliament's shortcomings in keeping records in parliament.

Chairman of the Rastriya Janamorcha, Chitra Bahadur KC, recalling that the first Constituent Assembly failed to issue a constitution, said that the promulgation of the constitution from the second Constituent Assembly was a big achievement.

Stating that the desire of the Nepali people of over 70 years to write their own constitution from their representatives has been fulfilled, he said the Legislature-Parliament has not been able to play a satisfactory role in maintaining good governance.

As per the constitutional provision, the term of the Legislature-Parliament has terminated a day before October 15, the last day on which the political parties are required to submit the closed list of candidates under the proportional representation category of the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7.
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