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Kelly Clarkson wanted to kill herself when she was skinny

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

| Khabar Site

American Idol Kelly Clarkson confessed that she wanted to kill herself when she was skinny.

Yes, the 35-year-old singer talked about problems with her body image and says she is now happy. In an interview with Attitude magazine, in the Awards edition, Kelly said.

When I was very skinny, I wanted to kill myself. I was miserable, inside and out, for four years of my life. But nobody cared, because aesthetically you make sense. It was a very dark moment for me. I thought the only way out of that was to give up. I almost broke my knees and my feet because all I did was put on my hearing aids and run. I was in the gym all the time.

Oh! It's sad! He really must have felt very unhappy to think so. After being crowned the winner of the first "American Idol" in 2002, Clarkson became famous, that also brought years of scrutiny in her life - especially with her weight .

Her first album "Breakaway" was a success, the now judge of 'The Voice' remembers being immersed in extreme pressure by the executives to be "very skinny", which in the end led her to terminate her contract with RCA .

I was surrounded by some very negative people, and I left though there were so many great people there too. It was a case of turning around, facing them and leaving.

After this excerpt from the interview with Attitude was published, Kelly clarified that although she had problems with her body image, they did not make her contemplate suicide.

Just to clarify. I was never miserable because I had to be skinny. I said I was miserable and as a result I got skinny "- she wrote on Twitter.

"I have never contemplated suicide because of my weight. I said people had no idea that I was so unhappy curiously because I looked healthy. "

Well, honestly, living like this is not life, I say, doing exercises every time you smell food, if you hate doing so much exercise to be skinny, you will live bitter all your life, not being able to eat anything you like (because you obviously like to eat food that are not diet) but the pressure will always be there, part of the job (as is the case) the public seems annoyed that she became fat and always criticized for that. In addition she is in an environment where "image" is important. Very important!

But Kelly is happy as well and it's her body and her health, I remembered something I read out there saying something like, "you're skinny when you eat everything because if you're skinny just eating lettuce, you're actually a fat pause." LOL! What do you think? Life is short and eating is one of the pleasures of life but there must be a balance, you can eat and exercise, but you know, that's my opinion, right? Hey! I wish life were as easy as getting fat ... HA!

Kelly Clarkson's new album, 'Meaning Of Life', goes on sale Oct. 27.

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