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Scarry looks of Mel B's : America's Got Talent Premier

Thursday, August 17, 2017

| Khabar Site

WTF? Mel B appeared with this look at the premiere of America's Got Talent . Scary Spice wore this transparent jumpsuit strategically covered in places that ... you know, they should have been covered. SCARY! FUG! What is that there in your middle leg? A hoop A lock? WTF? Horrible!

But not only her X-Men Mystique costume, during the season 12 premiere of the show, her hair was also different, Melanie shaved one side of her head and changed the color of her hair. Sorry, it's a horrible look! Although it suits her. LOL!

Recently, Mel B was reported to be hanging out with a Hollywood cop, TMZ scoffed by comparing this to his daughter's father, Eddie Murphy, who made the movie "A Loose Detective in Hollywood" (Beverly Hills cop) - FYI: Mel came out With Eddie, got pregnant, had his daughter and Eddie disagreed, even asked for DNA test .

Well, the gossip was that Mel was hanging out with a Beverly Hills cop and was supposed to be in love. But now people doubt. It turns out that during the America's Got Talent show that was this Tuesday, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, she praised the presentation of an Aviation Academy Group, and said she was happy to be single. So, Mel B is dating this cop? She is still married but separated from Stephen Belafonte, who is obviously divorcing . But they say that she and the police are always together ... Mmmm ... whatever! What do you think about your Farandulistas look? He looked a lot better with his bob.

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