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Rihanna spends shopping on new clothes because she gained weight

Thursday, August 17, 2017

| Khabar Site

They say that Rihanna has spent a small fortune on new clothes because she gained weight. Thickhanna!

According to OK! Rihanna has spent hundreds of dollars on her new wardrobe because obvious after she gained weight and the clothes she has left. Everyone knows that Rihanna has gained a few kilos of more that are very well distributed, but there was someone who had the audacity to call her fat , because of course, if compared to the Riri before, her new pounds now make her look "guesita". Well, the report says that for his new weight he had to buy clothes.

"Diamonds are nothing when Rihanna is moving with you, and it's no wonder she knows how to spend the money! With her sexy new weight (she has them all crazy!), She has bought new clothes, and her account to pay say it makes you eyeball! "

According to the report RiRi has bought everything, dresses, underwear, jeans, T-shirts. An alleged "source" says that he practically bought everything because he soared so much that his previous clothes did not fit him.

"She basically bought everything, because she has climbed at least two or three dress sizes as she was a couple of years ago ... Her shoes are (too) tight these days, because her feet have increased a size and a half."

And of course, Rihanna does not buy trinkets, she spends everything in designer stores.

"Ri has not lost his overpriced taste so this is giving his pocket hard while it lasts. Even if you lose a little weight, many of your old bikinis and stuck clothes will not stay. "

Whatever! Rihanna gained weight, and of course, she will have to buy new clothes for her new size, right? Some say it looks beautiful so "full" or "thick", others who should lose weight. What do you think of this Farandulistas? Thickhanna has them crazy! Bahahahaha ...

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