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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban separated! (Star)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

| Khabar Site

The new cover of Star magazine has a photo of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban with the headline, SEPARATED! The explosive divorce of $ 300 million dollars, and the image that looks like Nicole and Keith's face-set funeral (her marriage?) HA! The cover also has phrases like: Who will take the children in the bitter battle for custody. (Nicole) is already dating another man. Geez! By the way, Keith there looks like Miley Cyrus' dad, LOL!

Obviously, this is just one of these stories that Star invents every week ... I hope. Well, according to the story , Nicole is leaving Keith because she is looking at other women, and that Kidman does not like much.

"Kidman is sick of her husband Keith Urban looking at others and moving to a different continent, while flirting with another man."

This comes from last week when they claimed that Nicole and Keith were getting divorced because she caught him hugging a sexy redhead at a concert.

According to the tabloid, Kidman has come very close to director Garth Davis, an insider allegedly said of the couple:

"By the way they were touching, hugging and looking at one another in the eyes, it seems they have a real connection."

It's the same thing they said about Keith and the redhead last week, they have a real connection. "The way they were laughing, touching and hugging, it certainly seemed like there was something special between them." Boo! Do not you think similar? SAME? LOL!

Well, in the previous gossip (it has to do with this) after Nicole saw those pictures of Keith with the redhead, she left the house, grabbed her two daughters and took them to Australia, is now happy away from Keith. Sure! But the reason Nicole went to Australia was because she had the premiere of one of her films, and she has to film a next one. Nothing to do with this invention.

Of course, the magazine continues with its saga of stories, saying that Nicole was very flirtatious with the director to revenge of Keith. The publication dares to say that the couple is separate but in the report they only talk about a separation for work.

"They've been practically living separate lives, with Keith's tour schedule and Nicole's work filming"

Yeah, they're "separated." And where did the explosive divorce of $ 300 million dollars come from? HE HAS! Of the imagination of the one who wrote the story? He says

"If your relationship ever deteriorates to the point of divorce, be assured that it could be quite contentious."

Well ... If I had a million dollars it could be that ... LOL!

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