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Jesse Williams Divorce: Wife wants full custody !

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

| Khabar Site

Gray's Anatomy divorce, Jesse Williams has taken another turn, now his wife Aryn Drake-Lee wants full custody claiming that Jesse sees many women and has violent temper. Oh boy.

TMZ reports that Aryn Drake-Lee is asking for full custody because she fears for the children's mental health. In case they are lost, Jesse Williams and Aryn have two children, he asked for a divorce , both tried to arrange a joint custody, but all ended with the actor accusing Aryn of sabotaging her visitation time, and she accusing him of ventilating all his Problems to the press. It is also known that Jesse is dating Minka Kelly, and say that since before the marriage was supposedly ended.

According to the divorce papers, Aryn has requested full custody of her children because she does not want her children, Sadie, 3, and Maceo, 22 months, to be exposed to Jesse's wives. Woow! Aryn claims that her children already show emotional damage and that Williams has exposed them to at least one intimate partner and possibly more. Aryn wants a judge to order Jesse to keep his children away from any woman until he has been with her for 6 months. That is, your new girlfriend can see the children if she has dated him for at least 6 months.

And it's not just the woman (or women) Jesse puts in his room, Drake-Lee claims that Williams has a violent temper and was involved in a street fight last month with a neighbor. Aryn claims that the neighbor annoyed Jesse, and he answered aggressively chasing him while the kids were in the car. She says that Jesse threatened to kill the neighbor. OMG!

Aryn is also upset because Jesse publishes photos of her children on social networks and says he does it to "placate all negative reviews about him in the media" and so, you know, to be like the good father. No way! Use the nets just to "show" the happy face. Bahahahahaha ... Good luck with that!

As previously reported, Jesse Williams is dating Minka Kelly and it is rumored that they had something from before the divorce, it is believed that this is Aryn's fury. Jesse has insisted that his 13-year marriage did not end with the pretty girl he works with .

So, Aryn says his children already show psychological damage and want a judge to solve this as quickly as possible.

Mmmm ... Gosh! These divorces always bring out the worst of each and I mean the worst of each, each bringing out the worst of themselves and the worst of the other. Poor babies ... in the middle of this.

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