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Chris Brown talks about when he hit Rihanna

Thursday, August 17, 2017

| Khabar Site

Chris Brown talked about when he hit Rihanna in his documentary Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life.

Brown, 28, revealed that she was 15 when she met Rihanna in 2004. She was 16, and was at a show in New York City. The two quickly felt connected and fell in love, but the relationship took a turn after Brown told Rihanna that he had slept with someone else before their relationship - something he had previously denied the singer.

"She lost confidence in me," Brown said. She hated me after that. And I tried everything, she did not care. She just did not trust me after that. From there, everything went downhill because there were many verbal, physical fights as well. On both sides. "

"We were fighting. She hit me, I hit her and it was never good. "

According to People , the "Look At Me Now" singer said they both realized that their fights were causing them harm, but the pair struggled to contain their fights in heated arguments.

"There was a point where we talked about it like, What are we doing?"

"Like, 'I do not like being pissed off' If I go on the stage and I have a scratch on my face and I go and explain that 'Oh, I did not fall'. If you have a scar or a purple you go and you put on makeup. I'm trying never to lay a hand on any woman. "

"I felt like a fucking monster."

The relationship came to a breaking point after they went to a Grammy event in February 2009. Brown said it all happened because a woman with whom he had had sex approached them at the event. He insists that he did not know that this woman was going to be there.

"The ceremony was about to start, she's crying," recalls Chris of the event with Rihanna. "She got fed up. He started to drink more, we were both drinking a little more. We were drinking a little more, laughing, joking. After we left."

That night, Rihanna discovered a text message from the woman on Brown's cell phone, which made her believe that Chris knew that another woman would be there at the event.

"She started to explode, launched the cell phone. 'I hate you'. She started to hit me ... she hit me a few more times and she did not understand the 'let's sit, I tell you the truth'. That was 'Now, I'm going to be cruel, I'll be evil.'

"I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, clenched fist. Hit her. I broke his lip "- recalls Chris. "When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, f * ck, because my * rda hit him? "

"From there she spit my face. He spat blood on my face and it made me even angrier. "

The fight continued until Chris Brown parked the car, causing Rihanna to grab the keys and throw them out the window.

"She removes the keys from the car and pretends to throw them out the window. I got out of the car and I'm looking for the keys and someone shouts, and she screams out the window, 'Help me, he's trying to kill me.' "

Looking back to that moment and Rihanna's picture with all those bruises, Brown says "That's not me."

"I look back at that picture and I think that's not me, bro, that's not me. I hate it even today. That will haunt me forever. "

Awww ... will chase you forever. And may I have nightmares and never sleep! He says that's not me. And the other women who hit ? I do not agree with the violence of any part, but you can never compare a woman's blow to a man's, a woman hits a man and does not let her bruise (unless I hit him, I do not know, with a Beat or know to hit MMA style), but EYE! Anyway, I do not agree with violence anywhere, my point is that he says that Rihanna beat him, that he hit him that night but he did not have a single bruise, nothing. Rihanna looked like a map of the beating he gave her , she even had bites! Here you can read the details of that fight. That has no excuse, I know he confirms that relationship was toxic (as everyone said), they would fight like that always, but what he did is no excuse. I'm glad someone saw them and called the police, but who knows how that would have ended ... But more WTF? Rihanna after everything happened, she still looked for him, she was annoyed when the judge forbade him to approach her, she even said in an interview that she still loved him , but it was for her sake, that 'oh, sorry I lost control, no I knew what I ' ve seen before. Okay, okay, I'm done, I downloaded myself, I'm unworthy to read all this. See? That comment he left on Rihanna's Instagram was on purpose, had something to promote. Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, His documentary. What do you think?

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