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Elderly of 88 yrs and over to get Rs 2,000 additional per annum in Kathmandu

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

| Khabar Site

Kathmandu, June 20: The executive body of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City on Tuesday decided to provide Rs 12,000 per annum from existing Rs 10,000 in lump sum to the senior citizens of 88 years and above. This amount is addition to the Rs 2,000 per month being received by the senior citizens as social security allowance. The executive body of the Metropolitan also decided to provide Rs 2.5 million each to all wards to begin the development works and prepare the Organization and Management Survey of the Metropolis Office within two months, including a report, chief of the executive Bidya Sundar Shakya said after the meeting. The meeting also decided to introduce a policy to operate mass public vehicle in the city area. Shakya added that archaeological heritages would be given priority while forwarding the reconstruction works in the metropolitan area.
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