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Three Dead In Police-Madheshi Morcha Clash Outside UML Mass Meeting

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

| Khabar Site

3 killed in saptari morcha police uml clash
Three people have been confirmed dead in a clash between police and cadres of Madhesi Morcha while trying to obstruct Mass Meeting addressed by UML Top Leaders.

Earlier 4 people were reported dead however Digambar Yadab who was  among the four deceased list is confirmed alive getting treatment at BP Koirala Hospital at Dharan.

Three of the deceased have been identified as Sanjan Mehata, Pitambar Lal Mandal and Aananda Shah.
The clash erupted as the Morcha cadress were trying to show black flag and throw stones at UML cadres right after the main mass meeting was concluded. Earlier Morcha cadres were in continuous clash with police for 2 hours as the UML assembly was being held inside the Industrial Area of Rajbiraj.
CPN UML had a preplanned program at Rajbiraj on Monday on their whole Nepal Political Mass Meeting Program named Mechi Mahakali Campaign but the assembly location was sifted to Industrial Area from the Public Tundikhel after the Madhesi Morcha decided to obstruct any political activities of UML in Madhesh region.

UML and Madhesi Morcha are in opposite pole of political debate as UML has been denying to amend the Constitution which is a long term demand of Madhesi based parties since after the Constitution of Nepal 2015 was declared.

UML has withheld it's Campaign for 3 days after the Saptari incident while Morcha has announced several demonstration programs.

Morcha has also decided to give ultimatum to Prachanda led government to amend the constitution otherwise they will withdraw the support to current Prachanda government.

After returing to Kathmandu from Saptari, CPN UML party has blamed the Morch for Monday's Saptari Incident and accused Morch of attempting mass murder of all Top UML Leaders at the Mass Meeting in Saptari on Monday.

Prime Minister Prachanda and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi has said that no shooting order was given at Saptari and they have said that they will investigate and punish the culprit who disobeyed their commands.

Nepali Congress, Human Rights Groups and other political organizations have condemned the incident and demanded the government to insure the right of parties to organize a peaceful poticila activities.
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