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Joya And Her Kids Returned To Nepal, 1.5 Million Spent On Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

| Khabar Site

joya jiban case, joya deported and back again
Joya and her Kids together with Family again in Nepal
Joya and her kids have returned to Nepal after almost 3 months of their deportation from Nepal.
Joylen Grace Mijares (Joya), a Philippine girl, who was married to a Nepalese man, Jiwan Magar from Chitwan Nepal was deported from Nepal on the 15th August 2016.

Joya and Jiwan met in UAE while during foreign employment before 5 years and fell for each other. They travelled to Nepal and got married. They have 2 sons, Miguel and Eric during those 5 years. At the meantime Jiwan lost his small brother and father and finished almost everything of their property on their treatment and became homeless. Unaware of laws and pissed with the poverty, Jiwan didn't register their marriage and the birth of their children as 90 percent of Nepalese people don't register births and marriages.

Moreover all the responsibility to take care of the family that included his widow mom, young sister, 2 kids, wife and himself came into his shoulder. Frustrated with poverty and hard life, Jiwan and Joya used to argue that often ended without any serious results. Before one evening Jiwan was told that his wife and sons have been taken away by a local NGO called Aadarsha Home (Ideal Home).Jiwan tried to bring them back home but he was not allowed to meet and talk to them. Four months passed, one day he was informed that Joya and the kids are being deported. They were allowed to meet for a while before she departed.

The Ideal Home called a Press Conference and told the media that Joya wasn't cared by her husband and he is a drug addict, he was even deported from UAE for taking drugs. They told the public that Joya didn't have food to eat and place to live, that's why they are sending Joya and the kids back to Philippines.
Farewell Prgram For Joya and her kids before leaving Nepal
A Farewell Program For Joya before her deportation

While she was departing from Kathmandu Airport, a Sagarmatha TV broadcasted a short interview of Joya that changed everything.

Joya told the media that she will be waiting for Jiwan to come in Philippines and she asked Jiwan to take care of his mom and sister Sanju.

She thanked all the Nepalese and said she will visit Nepal again after 5 years when she has money. That left millions of Nepalese into tears.

They were so angry with Jiwan for leaving such wife with wonderful heart. They felt sorry for Joya and the kids.
joya leaving nepal airport
Joya Breaks Into Tears While Departing From Nepal

For many weeks the national media, social media and new papers were filled with Joya and her bad experience in Nepal and started worrying what will happen to those kids who were actually born in Nepal from a Nepalese father, now they were going to be a foreigner, probably a Philippine. Nepalese felt guilty of what those kids would say when they will grow up and realize that they were deported from their own home without any crime. It was their mom who were staying in Nepal without visa but kids were innocent and a pure Nepalese. Now the public became furious with Jiwan Magar and Aadarsha Home, who on the name of Rescuing a poor actually made to citizens identity less. Many people voiced that Joya and the kids should come back to Nepal, but they went to Philippines on travel document as Philippine citizen, the hurdle is how can they come back?
And Joya was put on black list of Immigration Record, she was banned to enter  Nepal for 3 years.
In such situation many Nepalese voiced for helping Joya and bring them back to Nepal.

2.5 million money raised for joya jiwan
Fund Raising Campaign For Joya Jiwan Family Reunion

A social worker named Naveen Jung with his friend Nawang initiated a Campaign called "Joya Nepalki Buhari", that means a Daughter In Law of Nepal that touched so many people and started supporting his campaign. They established a Facebook Page named "Joya नेपालकी बुहारी ".Naveen Jung and his team found out whereabouts of Joya and send her seed money to gain trust and establish contact with Joya although she was advised by Ideal Home not to contact any Nepalese, if she does she will end up in Jail. But the team with sole purpose of helping them raised money from many Nepalese around the world.
At the meantime,  an organization  called Nepal Magar Shangh  started investigation  about the case and bring out interview of Jiwan which revealed that Jiwan actually was not a drug user, it was only a false report made by the Idel home just to persuade the Philippines Consulate in Nepal for their
rescue who actually paid USD 7000. penalty for Joya's 4 years overstay in Nepal.

Before Magar Shangh completed their Investigation Jiwan left for Philippines with his uncle Kame Magar.

At the meantime another social worker Aang Kami Sherpa living in New York US was touched with what had been happening with a poor family, he talked to Jiwan in Nepal and Joya in Philippines over phones and promised to help them. He actually raised around 9000 USD for their future settlements once they come back to Nepal.

Before Jiwan left to Philippines his passport and citizenship was confiscated by Ideal home illegally who later handed over it over to Chitwan district Police .Uncle Kame Magar and Ang Kami Sherpa called some high ranked officials and got back those documents.
After Jiwan went to Philippines, they got married on 1st of October 2016.Joya's parent's also accepted them as Jiwan wanted to reunite his family again.

joya and jiwan wedding
Joya & Jiwan Got Married In Bacolod City Phillipines

Many Nepalese continued helping them financially and morally. The total money raised was almost 2.4 million Nepalese rupees.

Uncle Kame worked hard to get marriage papers, police report, Joya's passport and the travel documents for two kids.

But even all the documents were ready, Joya still have the immigration ban in Nepal.Kami Sherpa and his team tried to lift the ban going to many concerned offices but it didn't work.

On 7th of November Naveen Jung, Kame Sherpa and Kame Magar Secretly decided to attempt going back to Nepal and pass from the immigration.

On 10th November they flew via Abu Dhabi and arrived Nepal on 11th November at 4 pm. Joya passed the immigration after the family signed a paper of taking full responsibility in case anything happens from her in Nepal.

Now the family has reunited again and all the Nepalese are happy for their reunion.
The team are planning to open J & J Restaurant at some busy location in Kathmandu for Joya Jiwan's family with the money raised in USA, so that they will have easier life.
The Chief  admin of the "Joya Jiwan Help" Campaign, Naveen Jung informed that almost 1.5 million Nepalese rupees has been spent on the mission out of the 2.4 million money raised.

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