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Bhai Teeka Being Observed Today, 11:52 Auspicious Time

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

| Khabar Site

bhai teeka 2016
Fifth and last day of Tihar Bhaitika is being observed all over Nepal today.

Today sisters and brothers have exchanged Teeka, Garland and wished good health and long life for each other.

They exchanged array of colorful Tika on their forehead and exchanged sweets, Sellroti, clothes, fruits etc.

For the Bhaitika, 1152 am was the best auspicious time today although the whole day is good for tika today according to Nepal Astrologer's Society.

After the Bhai Teeka, Youths go around for Deusi.

They visited neighboring homes, sang, danced and received fruits, sell roti and Dakshina (money).In return they wished Ashish.

Outside Kathmandu, the Deusi program continues until the day of coming full moon. However, the schools and the government offices will resume from tomorrow.

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