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Tihar Begins, Kag Tihar Today

Friday, October 28, 2016

| Khabar Site

tihar festival Nepal
The second biggest festival of Hindu Nepalese has began today. Kag Tihar (crow's day) is being observed today all over Nepal as the first day of Yamapanchak Tihar.

Yamapanchak which means 5 days of Yama is marked as Kag Tihar, Dogs Day, Ox's Day, Cow's Day or Laxmi Pooja and the Bhai Tika on the 5th day.

Tihar is also celebrated as festival of light.

Homes are cleaned and decorated with light and colors.

Bhailo Begins on the Laxmi Pooja day or the Gai Tihar ( Cow's day).

Cows are respected and worshipped as god of laxmi or the wealth among Hindu's in Nepal.

After the Bhai Tika the Deusi Begins.

Deusi is the process of singing and visiting homes with group of people asking sweets, sell roti, fruits and Dashina  (money).

At hilly region of Nepal, Deusi continues on the day of Purnina.

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