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Tension In Beltarbazaar Over Bhim Kumari's Death, Dozen Tear Gas Shells Used

Thursday, October 13, 2016

| Khabar Site

beltar bazar protest for bhim kumari katuwal murder case
13 October 2016, Ghaighat Udaypur: Police have used over a dozen tear gas shells to disperse the crowd escalated over the death of local Bhim Kumari Katuwal.

Bhim Kumari Kauwal, wife of Rajendra Katuwal of Beltar-2 Shirbani was murdered before 5 days at Betauna Jungle of Sijuwa Morang.

Bhim Kumari was reportedly murdered by her brother in law Suwas and he tried to committee suicide after killing her. Seriously poisoned Suwas has been undergoing treatment at hospital. Police said that Suwas has confessed his crime.
The tenson arose at Beltar Bazaar on Thrusday morning while Police along with Rajendra Katuwal and other relatives were bringing back Bhim Kumari's body from Morang.People from Bhim Kumari's Parent's side tried to attack the people from Rajendra's side. Rajendra also working as policeman was also taken into custody for the investigation.

Police initially tried to control the situation with the force they have at the local booth but called for the additional force as the crowd became out of control. Police used several tear gas shells while taking the situation under control.

Police Chief of Beltar Police Office, Bhimkant Silwal said that a meeting has been called among local politicians, intellectuals and seniors to find solution about the current situation. Bhim Kumari's body has been kept at Beltar Police Office Unit under Police control.
Bhim Kumari's Parents and relatives have claimed that her husband is also involved on Bhim Kumari's murder. He is also accused of keeping another girl friend outside despite having married wife at home.

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