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Main Days Of Dashain Begins, Fulpati Being Observed Today

Saturday, October 8, 2016

| Khabar Site

Fulpati day of Dashain Festival
The seventh day of the Dashain festival called Fulpati, is being observed all over Nepal among Hindu
Nepalese community, although Buddhists and over people also celebrate Dashain.

Dashain actually starts from the day of Ghatasthapana, however the major days starts from Fulpati.
We have tradition of transferring Fulpati from different Devine Temple to another.

Every year a Fulpati is transferred from Gorkha Kalika Temple to  Dashain Home at hanuman Dhoka Kathmandu. Likewise people bring Fulpati at their home after ritual procession.

During the transfer procession, 6 Magar Priests will carry the Fulpati from Gorkha to Jibanpur Dhading and other 6 Brahmins will carry the Fulpati from Jibanpur to Kathmandu Jamal. From Jamal, Fulpati is brought to Hanumandhoka with rituals participated by high government officials, Army Bands, Panche Baja, Gurju Troop and traditional musical groups. This year the auspicious time to bring Fulpati at Fulpati Home is at 4 PM.

From today, all the government offices remain closed and most of the homes complete Dashain preparation.

Dashain is generally celebrated for 15 days, starting from Ghatasthapan on the first day sowing Jamara and concluded on the 15th day concluding Jamara.
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