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Dashain Teeka Being Celebrated

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

| Khabar Site

Teeka at Dashain festival Nepal
The main day of Dashain is being celebrated all over Nepal and Nepalese community across the world as the Dashain Teeka Day.

People are receiving Teeka and Jamara from their seniors in the family and the relatives with blessings.

The auspicious time for the Dashain Teeka today was at 0845 am however the whole day is auspicious for the Teeka according to the National Panchanga Committee.
Today as the tenth day of the Dashain festival is celebrated receiving Teeka from the elders. Tikaprocess will continue until the day of full moon (Purnima).
Dashain started from the day of Ghatasthapana will be concluded on the Purnima day.

Dashain is mainly celebrated by Hindus  and also celebrated by other people across Nepal, India and many Nepalese living around the world.
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