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Basnyat Appointed As CIAA Chief

Thursday, October 20, 2016

| Khabar Site

basnyat as ciaa chief after pmpeachment of lokman karki
Nepal's parliament on Wednesday has filed the Motion of Impeachment against CIAA (commission for investigation of abuse of authority) chief Lokman Karki.

Karki has been accused of attempting to bypass law in Nepal, misconducting and misuse of power while in post.

A lawer had filed case against the appointment process of Karki as chief of CIAA.Karki was called to present in the court but he had been trying a lot of excuses to bypass the law. He unlawfully tried to stop those government representatives of the court while giving him the notice of the case.

After several attempts of obstructing the process, he flew to Canada and applied to extend his holiday while in abroad.

On Wednesday , 157 lawmakers of  CPN UML and CPM Maoist Centre parties have filed the proposal of Impeachment against him in the parliament.

As per the law Karki has been automatically removed from the post after the proposal.
A high level committee has been formed to proceed the proposal. If the proposal is passed with the two third majority of the total number of the parliament members , Karki will be officially removed and he will have to face further legal processing.
Meanwhile Deep Basnyat has been appointed as the acting chief of CIAA.

Basnyat worked as senior commissioner in the office.

According to CIAA assistant spokesperson Khagendra Prasad Rijal, Basnyat appointed the Acting Chief Thursday as per the CIAA regulations.

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