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Kami Sherpa Warns Mina Kharel As Kame Magar Gets Threats At Home

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

| Khabar Site

kame magar gets threats at home
As Kame Magar is in Philippines with Jiban on processing for return of Joya and the two kids Miguel and Eric, some unknown persons have called from hidden number to Uncle Kame Magar's home and threatened to harm them.
Here Kame Magar has been telling the whole story to Aang Kami Sherpa in New York about the incident. In response, Kami Sherpa has assured him that anyone who calls and spreads such false message will be reported, found and punished by law.

Kame Magar clarifies that he has got no enemy and no intentions to harm anyone, he is just helping the poor lovers Joya and Jiwan who got separated due to poverty and some mistake by Aadarsha Home located in Chitwan Nepal where Joya stayed for 4 months before she was sent back to Philippines for staying as illegal immigrant in Nepal, although she was married to Jiwan Magar and had two kids but they never registered their marriage and birth for their children and never extended the visa. But while she was deported, her kids were also sent back to Philippines.

Now millions of Nepalese realizes that it's a huge mistake to sent those kids without any legal documents although they have right to hold Nepalese identity by birth and by Nepalese father Jiwan Thapa Magar.

Now many Nepalese are helping them financially for their return.Jiwan Thapa Magar and his uncle Kame Magar has already reached at Joya's parental home in Bacolod, Philippines.
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