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Jivan To Travel To Philippines, Roadmap of Joya's Return To Nepal

Saturday, September 3, 2016

| Khabar Site

Jivan traveling to Phillipines to Fetch Joya
Finally the return process of Joya has been published. After days of discussion among Jiban, his family, Joya, members of the investigation committee and the Joya's Official Facebook Page Admin,
they all have come to the conclusion that sending Jivan to Philippines to fetch Joya is the best option for the moment.
Roadmap of Joya's Return To Nepal
-Jivan will travel to Philippines on Tourist Visa
-Jiban gets married with Joya at local Church as per rule and registers marriage
-Joya, Miguel and Erric gets Passports and IDs of Philippines ...
-Joya, Miguel and Erric will travel back to Nepal on Tourist Visa along with Jivan
-Nepal Magar Shangh will take necessary steps to lift 3 and half years Nepal Entry Ban for Joya at Nepal Immigration,  they will go to President's office, meet Prime Minister, House Chairman, Immigration Department, Foreign Ministry etc. before Joya's return 

 -Joya Nepalkibuhari (Naveen Jung) Page will work as Media Partner and raise necessary financial Help
-Once Joya returns to Nepal with her family, Joya and Jivan will register their marriage at local administration and thereafter register  their son's birth.
This is the Win-Win Way of Joya's Return as we had been advising Joya and Jivan recently which is reliable, risk free, goal guaranteed and peaceful way.

For the process Jivan has pleaded Help from the Nepalese from all over the world. Here  is how you can send help to Jivan:
As Jivan is doesn't feel comfortable to come out due to possible security threats from furious public and also from administration, he has called for help on his Mom's Name.

  पूर्ण माया मगर 
  नागरिकता नम्बर १७० / १५०
  काठमाडौँ नेपाल
Purna Maya Magar
Citizenship No. 170/150
Kathmandu Nepal

बैंक ठेगाना :

 पूर्ण माया मगर

खाता नं. ०२३ ०६३८०७४००१९
हिमालयन बैंक लिमिटेड एन पी आर
चाबहिल चुच्चे पाटी शाखा,
काठमाडौँ नेपाल
Bank Address:

Purna Maya Magar
Acc. No. 02306380740019
Himalayan Bank Limited
Chabahil Chuchepati Branch,
Kathmandu Nepal

  Jiban's Mobile  +9779808187047
  Kame Magar Jiban's Uncle Mob. +9779851191071 ,
  Jiban' mom Purna Maya Magar Mob. +9779819247286

Joya-Jivan Stoty:

Joya, a Filipino girl who went to UAE to work before 5 years fell for a Nepalese boy who was also working in UAE. Her boyfriend was deported from Dubai due to his sickness. Joya supported him on that time and accompanied her bf to Nepal. She decided to get married with him and started to live with him at his village in Chitwan Nepal.But they never registered their marriage and birth of their children.
During 5 years time, they have 2 sons. As time passed, they had problem on various matters and Joya decided to leave Nepal. As she was discovered staying there as overstay immigrant, she was sent back on travel documents. While Joya was deported, public was sad and unhappy that their sons were also deported together who actually were born in Nepal from a Nepalese father and have the full right to be Nepalese and live in Nepal.

Joya, her parents and whole family have welcomed her and the children.
Joya Nepalki Buhari Facebook Page (Naveen Jung) has been raising financial help for Joya and the children.

jeeban going to phillipines to bring Joya

Joya to return to Nepal

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