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Prachanda Backs Off From Decision Agrees Backing Up Oli

Friday, May 6, 2016

| Khabar Site

prachanda agrees to back up oli government
In a dramatic political scenario, Prachanda and Oli has reconciled into a new agreement. After 24 hours tensions and various speculation, Prachanda has backed off from his earlier decision to form a national consensus government under him chairmanship. He ended up with 9 points agreement with Oli which is not new for Nepalese politics.

The 9 points agreement has just reminded to implement those agreement made prior to formation of Oli government.

Yesterday morning when Prachanda and Sher Bahadur Deuba met for discussion of new political development , Prachanda suddenly informed Deuba that he can't convince his friends about the decision to quit Oli government. But the reality is that Prachanda had released a statement passed from the meeting of office bearers which he had signed.

Sources claimed that Prachanda was in pressure from China after his sudden decision to quit Oli government. He has even promised to handover the pm post after Oli led government presents the new budget. But the 9 points agreement mentions it nowhere.
It is traditional that Indian leaders always have some interests in Nepalese politics, now it seems that even the Chinese have some influences over Nepalese political changes.
Here is the 9 points agreement signed between CPN UML and UCPN (Maoist)

prachanda agrees to support oli government

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