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Man Accused of Witchcraft Buried Alive

Monday, May 2, 2016

| Khabar Site

rasuwa man buried alive for practising witchcraft
In an unbelievable incident, an elderly man named Tulu Sarki Thing-55 has been found buried alive on suspicion of practicing witchcraft and affecting on the relatives.

Nepal police has revealed this inhuman act after one month of his murder. The incident was kept secret as his own relatives were involved in the murder.

The incident happened at the remote Ghurmu village of Yarsha VDC-9 of Rashuwa district. After one month's investigation, police have arrested Kanchha Sherpa Thing-27, who was the nephew of the deceased, Chhenunbu Tamang-50 and Lyangbute Tamang-40, sister In-law of the deceased.

According to police inspector Pramesh Bista of district police office Rashuwa, Sangbo Tamang, brother of the accused Kanchha Tamang was dead before a month on 4th Chaitra.A group of villagers had fed human shit and urine to Tulu Sarki and expelled from the village accusing him a witch to kill Sangbo.After being expelled from the village, Tulu Sarki sent his wife and children to another area and started working in Kerung but he was called to village by the same group of people.

Tulu Sarki believed his relatives and returned his village. He went to home of Kanchha Tamang on 4th Baishakh. There they gave him some wine and started attacking him by the same group. When he became unconscious, he was brought to nearby pine forest and buried alive with his head out of the pit but he was killed covering with stone on his head.

After police got reports of some man buried alive, police  started investigation of the case but no villagers helped police to give any information. After one week's investigation, police arrested Kanchha Sherpa Thing.During the investigation, Kanchaa accepted his involvement in the murder and  revealed other culprits.
Rashuwa incident shows how superstitions have eaten up the minds of uneducated people in the remote areas of Nepal. Many people are killed every year on accusation of witch
including in Terai region.

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