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Daniel And Lila Got Married In Nepal As Per Hindu Rituals

Saturday, April 16, 2016

| Khabar Site

foreigners marriage in Nepal accodring to hindu tradition
15 April,  2016:An American citizen has got married in Nepal according to Hindu tradition who has been volunteering at post earthquake reconstruction of Rameshwari Higher Secondary School at Bungkot Gorkha.
Daniel 55 of California USA has married Lila 49 who actually were together for long time but Lila wanted to get married again according to Hindu custom. Lila is a Malaysian citizen with Indian origin.

Large number of villagers gathered at the marriage ceremony who divided into two groups one for bide side and another for Groom's side. The Groom and his guest left from Baburam Wagle's Home, a local of Bungkot and arrived at the local Temple with guest accompanied by Panche Baja where they met the Bride's family group and the marriage ceremony took place.

The Vedic Priest (Brahman) enchanted mantra and Bride and Groom were tied in marriage as per Hindu rituals.

There was a marriage reception (Bhoj Bhater) after completion of the marriage ceremony.

The marriage ceremony was coordinated by Gautam Wagle  and Chetan Bhatta of  Parmoneer Foundation Nepal who has been helping in post earthquake reconstruction in Nepal.

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