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Sher Bahadur Deuba Elected As Congress Party President

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

| Khabar Site

sher bahadur deuba  defeates ram chandra paudel
Senior Nepali congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has been elected as the president of Nepali Congress party.

In the second round election held in Kathmandu on Monday, Deuba defeated his contender Ram Chandra Paudel, the acting Congress President. Out of the 3140 votes, Deuba secured 1,822 votes where as Paudel secured only 1,296 votes. 22 votes appeared invalid.

Earlier Deuba was unable to get elected during the first round of election held on Sunday while there were there candidates including Ram Chandra Paudel, Krishna Sitaula and Deuba himself. Although Deuba secured the maximum number of votes but didn't exceed 51 % which was necessary as per congress regulation. After Sitaula was out from the first round, it became much easier for Deuba to fight election with Paudel.

After the third attempt, Deuba has finally taken over the top most post in Congress party. He had fought with Koiralas few times in the past for the same post. It has been considered that rise of Deuba has shown the decline of Koirala empire in the party since it's formation during Rana regime.

Born in 2003 BS at Ashigram VDC-5 Ruwakhola village of Dadeldhura district of far western Nepal, Deuba is accompanied by his lawmaker wife Aarju Rana Deuba and a son. His family has been living in Budhaneelakantha, Kathmandu.

Deuba has got his graduate degree on Humanities and Laws from Tribhuwan University and also got his masters degree on political science from the same university. Deuba once  was the research fellow on political science at prestigious institution,  The London School Of Economics.

He started his political career as the executive member of Nepal Student's Union and became it's chairperson from it's second national

An a social democratic activist, Deuba has also worked as vice president of  Socialist International from 2008 to 20012 and still have been involved on the same as the Chairman for Asia Region and vice chairman for the international since 2013.

After the restoration of democracy in 1990, Deuba had served the country as home minister after his massif victory in the far western region.

During 2048-2060 BS period, Deuba became Prime Minister for three times but also served jail term for 10 months after former King Gyanendra took over the executive power.

Deuba is often criticized for dissolving the parliament at the very unstable situation of the country during Maoist insurgency where new election was almost impossible. After few years of announcement of new election and inability to held election, king Gyanendra abducted him stating as Incapable Prime Minister and put him into home confinement. The peoples movement in 2006 had compelled Gyanendra to reinstate the parliament which hold the constituent election in 2008  that itself declared Nepal as republic country.
Deuba has already stated that he would work towards strengthening the party making it more inclusive. It is to see in the coming days weather he would take Ram Chandra Paudel together with him who holds almost half fraction of the party power.

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