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Holi Observed All Over Nepal and Abroad Among Nepalese (Photo Story)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

| Khabar Site

holi festival 2016
Holi the festival of color and water has been celebrated across Nepal and also around the world among Nepalese communities on Tuesday .

Although Holi started few days ago, Tuesday was the main day where people came out with their faces painted, hands and pockets filled with various colors and different types of Holi Water Guns. When the Sun grew hotter, children, youths and seniors started playing Holi among their, families, friends and also came out to join the mass travelling around the cities.

Many clubs/groups have also organized Holi program where people gathered and celebrated Holi playing with colors, singing, dancing and wishing Happy Holi each other.

Holi is mainly celebrated by Hindu followers which has some religious origin but it has been a culture among majority of Nepalese now as it is a good day for expressing friendship, joy, freedom and celebration among friends, relatives and also with people living around you.

Many tourist have also joined Holi festival. The main tourist hub Thamel was covered in color water on Tuesday. British Prince Harry also observed the festival while his trip in Nepal.

Social medias like Facebook and Twitter have been flooded with colorful photos of Holi since Tuesday morning.
Here are some of the remarkable photos of Holi Festival 2072:
holi 2072 nepal

celebrating holi in nepal
girls at holi 2072

holi celebration 2072

crazy holi celebration 2072

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