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British Prince Harry Extended His Nepal Stay

Thursday, March 24, 2016

| Khabar Site

british prince harry extended his nepal stay
March 23, 2016 Kathmandu-Impressed by the natural beauty and warm hospitality by Nepalese, British Prince Harry has extended his Nepal stay for more 6 days. The prince was initially supposed to return on Thursday. He is interested to work at some earthquake reconstruction project for few days.
On Wednesday he announced about his extension of stay while speaking at the wrap up speech of official tour of Nepal. He said, "The people I have met and the beauty of this country make it very hard to leave. Thankfully however, I'm not leaving just yet,"

He then twitted, "I really hope that everyone who took an interest in the tour can see Nepal is a country you really have to come and visit, But most of all you have to come to meet the Nepali people. I've rarely in my life felt so welcomed as I have over the last few days."

While speaking at the program at British embassy Kathmandu, the British Prince said , "You have to come and see world heritage sites like Patan Durbar Square and be inspired by Nepal's history. You have to come to see beautiful Bardia National Park. The work there is an example of how the conservation battle can be won," said the British Prince during a program at British Embassy in Kathmandu.
With the Team Rubicon UK, Price Harry will be working at some community to build the schools damaged by April Earthquake. He will be camping at some remote village along with the volunteers from Team Rubicon UK.
uk prince harry extends his nepal visit

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