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Pilot And Co-Pilot Killed While Emergency Landing Of Kasthamandap Airplane

Friday, February 26, 2016

| Khabar Site

kasthamandap air crash killed 2 in kalikot nepal

Another tragic airplane crash in Kalikot has killed 2 people on Friday.
Pilot Dinesh Neupane and  Co-Pilot Santosh Rana lost their lives while emergency landing at Chilkhaya-2 of Kalikot but bravely saved nine passengers on board  traveling from Nepalgunj to Jumla on Kasthamandap Air.
Two of those nine passengers have been seriously injured whereas rest have suffered minimum injuries. According to the survived eyewitness passengers, pilots decided to land on field at Kalikot after technical problem on single engine  plane. Pilots wisely chose the best available landing site but killed themselves because of the hardest geographical landscape there.
According to the survivors, passengers started to scream and wipe after they were informed about the engine failure and the emergency landing but pilots assured them that they will save the passengers even that would cost their own lives, unfortunately that actually happened.
Last Wednesday on 24th February 2016, another tragic Tara Air Plane Crash at Myagdi had killed all 23 people on board while flying to Jomsom after 13 minutes of take off from Pokhara.
plane crash in kalikot nepal 2 pilots dead

kasthamandap air place crash killed 2 pilots

kasthamandap air crash killed 2 saved 9 passengers injured
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