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Nepal Lifts Bangabandhu Gold Cup 2016 , History Made After 23 Years

Saturday, January 23, 2016

| Khabar Site

nepal vs bahrain bangabandu cup final 3-0
Nepal has lifted the Bangabandhu Gold Cup 2016 held at Bangabandhu National Stadium in Bangaladesh on Friday evening defeating Bahrain 3-0.
In a very entertaining match played in the final, Nepal won a cash prize of USD 50,000 along with the Cup whereas the Runner Up Bahrain received cash prize USD 25,000 along with the Runner Up Cup.

Young Nepalese star Bimal Gharti Magar has scored in the fourth minute of the first half which put the rival Bahran in pressure from he very beginning. There was several fine attacks from both side during first 45 minutes and the added 3 minutes but didn't turn into goal and the first half score remained 1-0.

In the second half Bahrain tried very hard to equalize the score and return in the match but Nepal's strong defense line didn't let them to turn into goal,  instead Nepal again put the pressure with their attack that Bahrain couldn't stop Nepal's Bishal Rai to double up the score on the 87th minute. Bahrain tried their hard until the regular 90 minutes time ended and 5 extra minute was added. On the 91th minute , Nepalese hat-trick man Nawayug Shrestha once again scored in a beautiful header ensuring Nepal's victory  and also ensuring his personal 4th and the highest goal scorer of the tournament that made him the most valuable player of the Bangabandhu Cup 2016.
Similarly left footed scorer Bimal Gharti Magar became man the final match.

As the time in the final match was closing , there was so much tension and some fouls were committed by both team players that the match referee had to use 3 red cards in the match.

On the 81st minutes Nepal's Suman Lama and Bahrain's player both got red cards as they fought each other while fighting for ball. Likewise Bahrain's captain Naasir Al Osaam had to leave the court after he kicked Nepalese captain Biraj Maharjan.
Nepalese skipper Biraj Maharjan and national coach Bal Gopal Maharjan became one of the most important factor to bring home the first internationl trophy after 23 years. Nepal had won the Gold Medal on 6th SAFF Football in 1993 BS where the present national goalkeeping coach and National Team Coach Upendra Man Singh and Bal Gopal Maharjan were both playing in the team.

ANFA ( All Nepal Football Association) has announced to give away 5 lakhs each to the 23 member of National Team to appreciate this special victory for the nation. Similarly the players will receive 2 lakhs each from  National Sports Council as it had already  announced to give away 2 Lakhs each,  in the case that the team becomes the winner of the Bangabandu Gold Cup 2016.
This victory has made all the Nepalese football lovers happy and expecting better FIFA ranking for national team in near future.

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