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Nepalese Girl Sajina Pleads For Life From War Torn Syria

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

| Khabar Site

Sajina Tamang sold in Syria asking for rescue
Sajina Tamang
Sajina Tamang from eastern Nepal was married at early age and has 8 years old son back in Jorpati Dhankuta. Her husband is contactless for last 6 years who went to Malaysia for employment .
Sajina now is stranded in war torn country Syria and is pleading for her immediate rescue. In a letter addressing to media and prime minister, Sajina has described how she was sold in Syria and why she needs to be rescued.
Nepal itself suffered a lot due to 10 years long Maoist insurgency that forced thousands of youths to leave country in search of work.
Like many other youths Sajina also came to Kathmandu seeking foreign employment opportunities. There she met Shobhkant Bhattarai a wicked human trafficking predator from Butwal Nepal who cared only money. Sajina with dreams of better future easily fell into his trap and paid 280 USD as an advance money to process for employment in Dubai. She was asked to pay another 500 USD once she joined her job in Dubai.

On the first of May 2014, Sajina left Kathmandu for Dubai along with other 2 young girls (Pooja and Reshmi) via India. They were taken through India route as Nepal government had prohibited foreign employment for women under 25 years age. After 24 hrs. journey by train, they arrived in Delhi where they stayed for one week.

Shobhkant also accompanied them to Delhi and introduced another thug named Panchu Lama who owned a Chinese restaurant there.
Nepalese girl sold in syria needs rescue
Panchu, Pooja, Sajina And Sobhkant in Delhi

There these girl were taken to city sightseeing, partying and shopping and finished the last money they had as they were soon going to have job in Dubai and it was the last chance that they could enjoy before they return from Dubai.

On May 7, 2014, Sajina and other 3 girls were taken to Delhi airport who were supposed to fly to Dubai and told that their supposedly employer had gone to Syria for one month and they are also asked to join them in Syria, they all will go to Dubai after one month along with their employers. These girls had never heard of Syria and had some doubts that day but Lama and Shobhkant persuaded them saying Syria is similar country like USA as their currency is also in USD. That day they returned to hotel with new excitement.

On May 8, 2014 they flew to Oman from Delhi where some agents of Shobhkant arranged flight ticket to Sarjahan Dubai.They landed in Sarjahan airport and stranded there for 2 days without food. Someone introduced himself as Dr. Basam  from Syria appeared after 2 days and game them 100 Diram and took their photographs.

On 11th May 2014, someone asked their passports and put them in a plane to Syria. After 3 hrs waiting, someone came to pick them up who only took Reshmi and Pooja but left Sajina inside. These girl were scared and started crying. After 15 minutes the same man signed some papers and took Sajina as well. After 15 minutes drive they were taken to a flat where one Indonesian girl and 2 Syrian men were staying.

As Sajina knew basic English, she could understand from their conversation that it was the main junction where they used to supply girls  to different places of Syria. There these girls learned that they were sold there for 6000 USD each and asked to join their different employers. They refused and wanted to return to Nepal but they were forced to work after days of torture and hunger. They saw that Indonesian girl was confined into the room and another Bangali girl was tortured pouring boiled water into her body.

Their life in hell began from there as they have to work at separate and unknown places. Only after 4 months Sajina Could contact Reshmi through Facebook and again lost their contact to each other.
Reshmi could contact in Nepal after 17 months and was rescued by an NGO in Kathmandu with the help of many Nepalese around the world. Reshmi reported to police against Shobhkant but police haven't been able to arrest him yet.

After 2 years Sajina now is able to contact in Nepal and pleaded for rescue.

According to Sajina she is working at some old house of unknown area in Syria and repeatedly beaten and tortured. She hasn't been paid after the first 3 months until now and her passport has been captured by the employer. Because of the ongoing Russian, French and American operation in Syria, Sajina is living in terror and could see shootings, bombings and dead people outside from her window. She has to work 19 hours per day.
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