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2 Protesters Killed In Police Firing In Saptari, 17 Injured

Sunday, November 22, 2015

| Khabar Site

2 killed in Saptari in police madhesi morcha clash
Saptari 11 Nov 2015- Two protesters have been killed in police firing on Saturday night in Saptari district while 23 have been injured.

The clash between police and the protesters erupted last night at Bhardaha and Rupani area of Saptari when police escorting vehicles through the road obstructed by the protesters tried to remove them.
According to Chief of Saptari District Police Bhim Dhakal, hundreds of protesters attacked policemen in the dark throwing stones and police were compelled to open fire.

According to Dhakal, those killed in firing are Birendra Ram of Gadha-9 and Nageshwar Yadav of Madhyapura-7.Birendra Ram was killed in Bardah area while Yadav was killed in Rupani area. Seriously injured Yadav died on the way  while rushing to Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital at Rajbiraj for treatment. Ten other protesters have been injured in Rupani area while 7 are injured in Bhardah area.

4 protester killed in saptari Nepal
administration initially confirmed 2 death only
Injured In Bhardah
Akabar-40 of Tadha VDC Baliya Tol
Jaharu Shah-50 of Diman VDC
Shrawan Jha-25 Of Portaha VDC
Rajesh Khidahari of Portaha VDC
Lal Jha of Madhawapur VDC
Ramsagar Sutihar (address unidentified)
Dani Mandal (district chairman of Nepal Sadbhawana Party-Gajendra Team)
Among the injured in  Rupani area, condition of Fuleshwar Mandal, Satrughna Raya, Bhuwaneshwar Belchan and Ramchandra yadav are critical. Those seriously injured have been sent to BPK Hospital Dharan.
2 killed 17 injured madhesh saptari protest
 Indefinite Curfew Ordered In Saptari

Following the incident last night, curfew order has been imposed at Bhardah, Rupani and Rajbiraj of  Saptari district.
At Bhardah, Curfew area has been declared from 500mtr east of Kankalini Temple in East, Mahuli Bridge in the west, 500mtr of north  Portaha VDC building towards North of Portaha VDC and Culvert area of Sakardahi in the southern zone.
Similarly corfew zone in Rupani area includes around 500mtrs north and south from Rupani Chowk on Highway Section of Rupani extending upto Jagmohan Chowk in east and Shambhunath Chowk in west.
Likewise curfew is imposed in Rajbiraj at  east side of Municipal Police Office along the Radha Krishna Temple belt until road section of district administration office and towards the junction to the road to Sagarmatha Zonal Police Office.
At the meantime, the security committee has declared the Koshi Barrage area as Sensitive Zone for 8 pm to 6 am until next order.

Madhesi protester killed on police shoot out in Saptari

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