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KP Oli Elected 38th Prime Minister Of Nepal

Sunday, October 11, 2015

| Khabar Site

kp oli elected Nepal's prime minister

Oct 11, 2015- CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has been elected as the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal from the election held at parliament of Nepal on Sunday. Oli has secured 338 votes against Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala who has secured 287 votes. A total of 587 parliament members have taken part in today's voting.
Newly elected Prime Minister Oli will take Oath of the post on Monday at 0100 PM in front of  president Dr. Ram Baran Yadab.
After getting elected, Oli has said that he will work on consensus with parties and expect cooperation from all parties. He is the first prime minister after the promulgation of constitution of Nepal 2072 and the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal.
Early Life And Political Career
Born in Tehrathum district on 22nd February 1952, he was involved in politics during 1966 and became a member of Communist Party
of Nepal in February 1970.He was involved in underground communist politics against the autocratic party-less Panchayat System imposed by monarchy and got arrested in 1973.He spent 14 years in jail before he was released in 1987.
He became home minister during 1994/95 after the restoration of democracy in 1990 and served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs during interim government in 2006 after last king reinstated the parliament. He was defeated in the first Constituent Assembly election in 2008 but won the second Constituent Assembly election in November 2013.
Recent Political Rise
He is considered as a leader with firm stand on his principal. He became the Chairman of CPN UML party in 4th February 2014, defeating former party chairman Jhalanath Khanal.He was fierce towards Maoist during war and interim period and was widely criticized but after the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal 2072, some Madhesh parties started violent protest in border area between Nepal and India asking some amendments in the constitution , but he kept insisting that the constitution has secured the right of everyone and didn't want to amend the constitution despite India's constituent pressure. India started the unannounced trade blockade in Nepal citing the violence in Terai region which created a strong patriotic feelings among all Nepalese people and the parties that helped him to get supports from most of the parties in parliament .CPN Maoist, RPP Nepal, Nepal Worker's Union Party and many other communist parties have supported him.
India's prime minister Narendra Modi has congratulated him right after he was elected as prime minister of Nepal. He has been invited to visit India in near future.
We would also like to congratulate and welcome  our new Prime Minister .
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